David Miller: "The environment is not an ideological issue… The word conservative sounds very environmentalist"

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-¿Vio The Wire?

-It was my favorite series.

-I imagine him as Thomas Carcetti, the character of the mayor of Baltimore who at first is an idealist and then discovers that reality is going to beat him up.


And smile. David Miller was the Thomas Carcetti of Toronto, the mayor who in 2003 came to the government of Canada’s most populous city with the most ambitious program of reforms its citizens had ever known. He remained in office for seven years, had successes and failures and, when his term ended, he ended up directing C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a club of 96 large cities (Madrid and Barcelona included) that exchange experiences on urban policies aimed at reducing their footprint. environmental. Miller has compiled the most valuable cases in a book called Solvedwhich he presented last week at the IE University School of Architecture.

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