Davivienda announces change and had to request permission from the Superfinanciera

This was known in recent days, when the request was reported what Davivienda made before the Colombian authorities to be able to invest more money in its subsidiary in Costa Rica.

The movement consists of investing more capital indirectly in the assets it has in that Central American country. According to information from the Financial Superintendence, the transaction was for a value of 4,194 million Costa Rican colones, more than 6.2 million dollars, who will be part of capital of Davivienda Costa Rica SA Corporation

This banking entity has been in Central America for 10 years and more than 40 years in Costa Rica, where it has a broad organization and a commitment to sustainability and a culture of innovation.

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This Davivienda investment authorization was also processed before the Costa Rican authorities. In that country, bank a has more than 9,300 mobile accounts and is working on a biometrics process and strategy to digitize their services. One of the objectives is to mitigate, somewhat, some of the problems that suffers in Colombia related to system crashes on the 15th and end of each month.

“All these actions by Davivienda, for the benefit of customers and communities, motivate the organization to continue investing in a digital transformation, which had already been in the works since before the pandemic. It was possible to consolidate and now digital credit and savings products are offered, to make life easier for people and companies,” said Javier Suárez, president of the Davivienda group, several months ago, quoted by the newspaper The Republic.

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