Day of Judgment wins the Silver Tanit Award for the Carthage Film Festival


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Abu Bakr Shawky's Egyptian film "Yum El Din" won the Silver Tanit Award for Best Picture at the end of the Carthage Film Festival.

The closing ceremony was attended by a large group of Tunisian stars and critics, led by Durrat, director Amin Boukhreis, Rasha Ben Maawia, fashion designer Yousra Al Aidi, star Abdel Moneim Amairi and artist Ayman Zeidan.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Najib Ayyad, director general of the festival, said: "Heavy production is what keeps art festivals going and I hope that production increases in our Arab and African world so that festivals continue to work and no festival is canceled under any circumstances. "I think we did it."

"This session came after a failed terrorist operation in the center of the country, and there are those who expect some of the festival's events to be reduced, but the opposite has happened, which is what satisfied us "he said.

On the other hand, the "Ayads" that the films selected in the last session have won the admiration of all those who participated in the festival, be they guests, artists, critics and the media.
The award was given to "War Travelers" and the first prize was for "In Another Interview", while the Senegalese Teddy Joe won the Tanit Bronze Award for the short documentary, while Crossing won the Silver Tanit Award for the short film . For the film "Refugee Camp".

Silver Tanate won the long documentary Egyptian Film "Come Away" and the official competition for short films won the special mention of the film "Rose Salesman". Golden Tanit was the brotherhood of Tunisia.

In the films, "My Companion" won the best soundtrack, the best screenplay by Super Modo, the best film by War Traveler, the best actress Samnta Mogatissia won for "My partner" and the best actor of "Ahmed Al Hafian "His role in the movie" Fatwa ", and Tanit Bronze was for the film" War Travelers ", and silver Tanit for the Egyptian film" Day of Religion ".

The session of this year has been full of details between films that have participated in official competitions and other films in parallel sections, as well as seminars and seminars. The festival has 206 films representing 47 countries. In the Cinema Under Focus program , a series of films from Iraq and Senegal Brazil and India.



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