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Today is a day for reflection. Any agitation is prohibited. According to preliminary lists, just over 6 million and 732 thousand people have the right to vote.

In these elections, our compatriots abroad will vote with a record number of polling stations – 465. Voting abroad will be only with paper ballots, but in our country in 9,398 polling stations voters will be able to vote with paper or machine.

409 are the mobile voting sections for people with disabilities.

End of the election campaign

Ballots and voting machines are already being distributed to sectional election commissions, but the problem of recruiting for mobile ballot boxes is becoming more serious. The mobile teams to serve the quarantined voters in Sofia are 51. There are a total of 185 for the country. The right to vote will also be able to be exercised in the COVID-compartments. There are 88 sections.

A meeting of the CEC with the line minister ended at around 6 pm today. It became clear to her that the delivery of machines to the sections is going according to plan and is expected to be completed by the end of the day. No official signal for violation of election campaigning has been received today at 7 p.m.

The beginning of the election day tomorrow is at 7 o’clock. It will last up to 20 hours. If there are still people willing to vote, it will most likely be extended.

Today in some areas there is chaos and queues precisely because of the delivery of ballots and machines to the sections.

Despite the pre-established schedule in front of the Municipality in Haskovo at 8 in the morning there was a crowd. The section commissions had to wait for hours until they were called one by one to pick up the ballots and disinfectants. There was also chaos in the delivery of machines. “Today’s task is to reach 9,400 machines without two sections. This is not such a simple job, “said CEC spokesman Dimitar Dimitrov

In order to avoid tension tomorrow, an organization has been created. “There will be insured employees who will make sure that there is no accumulation. There will also be employees who will disinfect the common areas “, said Katya Demireva – director of the Youth Center – Haskovo.

However, the main problem remains the people in charge of the mobile sections. It is still unclear whether there will be enough mobile teams on election day. “There are three people in each mobile sectional election commission, a total of 18 people. In the absence of such people, it should most likely be closed “, commented Ilian Ivanov – Chairman of 16 REC-Plovdiv.

To deal with the problem, the CEC provides additional funds. “It will be for the staff that will perform activities in the submission of section protocols to the regional commissions,” said Dimitar Dimitrov.

On the day of reflection, the center of Veliko Tarnovo was closed for several hours to cars due to the distribution of election papers, and in Stara Zagora the army set up a tent camp in the ancient Augusta Trayana complex.

“These tents are in order to be able to take people home, not to wait outside, because you know that the rooms in the library, the halls in which they will enter are not so big,” said Teodora Krumova – chairwoman of the Stara Zagora REC.

The day before the vote, the Central Election Commission reminded voters what to look out for. “Simple – do not fail to mark the party,” said Dimitar Dimitrov. Otherwise, the vote will be considered invalid.

31 are constituencies, 30 parties and coalitions will embark on the battle for the new parliament. The candidates for deputies are 6895.

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