day without for Martin Fourcade


The Frenchman Martin Fourcade won the 20 km individual event on Thursday in Pokljuka, Slovenia, for the Biathlon World Cup. Effective behind the rifle, however, it appeared more difficult on skis (13th time). Friday, in the sprint event (10 kilometers), was confirmed: the five-time Olympic champion had a free day, appearing again in trouble on the snow to finish 24th. Far behind the Norwegian Johannes Boe, who preceded another Frenchman, Antonin Guigonnat.

"It's a slap, a big slaprecognized Martin Fourcade, the sensations were not great, but they were not like that in the individual (Thursday) and on the mixed relay (Sun) " two events concluded by a victory.

He explained that he was going "Take the time to watch" what was the result of this poor performance? If it's physical, I should draw the consequences with Vincent " Vittoz, the new French biathlon coach, "If it is technical, it will be with the technicians", he added.

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During the past season, the French had climbed 20 podiums in the 21 races played. We have to go back to the end of the 2015-2016 season to find it in the depths of a ranking (a 40th place in a sprint event).

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