Dayo, a resident gorilla in Pairi Daiza, found lifeless: “Today our heart is crying”

Pairi Daiza broke the news yesterday at the end of the day: “Dear friends, today our hearts are crying. This morning, gorilla healers discovered the lifeless body of our beloved Dayo.

“As many of you know, Dayo’s health has deteriorated recently. The park’s caregivers and veterinarians have since sought, along with many medical specialists and several universities across the country, solutions to cure it.

“Ultrasounds, echocardiograms, blood and bone marrow tests, various scans… Each examination gave us more information on his disease but not on the exact cause of his very complex condition.

“Dayo had been the subject of a combination of treatments aimed at treating his spleen, his thyroid and preventing possible gastrointestinal bleeding for several weeks. This treatment seemed to stabilize and even improve his condition and encouraged us to follow it very closely to achieve a happy ending.

“Despite all their efforts, our teams are now devastated by the sadness.

“Dayo, who turned 13 last June and has been with us since 2016, has been placed in an animal crematorium and will be cremated.

“Dayo, we loved you so much. “


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