Dayron Martín is “shocked” after learning that Anelhí Arias “returned” with her ex-partner accused of physical aggression

What happened? Through an interview he gave to a local media outlet, the popular Dayron Martin She surprised everyone by confessing that she was not aware of what was happening with the mother of her children, Anelhí Arias Barahona.

I am finding out from you (from the photos), you are giving me the surprise, because I have blocked that boy (from social networks). Anelhí and I finished on Friday, we decided to give ourselves some time for certain things that happened, but it surprises me because I didn’t think I would go back with the little boy”, he said initially totally surprised.

On the other hand, he confessed to feeling disappointed in the mother of his daughters, because he did not expect her to approach her ex-partner: “I gave him a chance at vindication, but with all this… forget it. There is no turning back, there is no possibility of going back”, added sure of himself.

Source: Trome

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