Dbrand stops selling PS5 skins after Sony issued legal threats

It’s not just small businesses Face the wrath of Sony on after sale PlayStation 5 Interfaces. Inflamed Tell the edge The sale of PS5 “Darkplates” was stopped after Sony issued a cease and desist letter earlier this year threatening legal action for alleged design and trademark infringements. Visit Dbrands Product page Now you will only see links to news and testimonials.

Dbrand doesn’t fall gently. in reddit RouteThe company claimed to be subject to “terrorists … for the time being”. I thought customers had the right to modify the hardware with third-party components and speculated that Sony might lobby to either sell their own covers or levy royalties. The company hasn’t categorically said it plans to resume sales, but said it will speak soon.

Whatever Dbrand’s intentions, this removes an important option (though It’s not your only option) to customize PS5. The question is whether Sony can stop third party sales completely. Because facade panels are designed so that they Easily removable And it’s nothing more than plastic sheeting. That dbrand has been likened to replacing a broken F-150 truck bumper with an aftermarket part – you have the right to choose which parts to use for repairs or cosmetic upgrades, and Ford can’t sue just for having a casual one Use bumper. It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a final legal battle over Sony’s policies.

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