Dead in the Himalayan border conflict: stones and sticks

Die details that are known about the sharpest confrontation between Chinese and Indian border troops for decades, to sound archaic. Apparently, the soldiers were attacked with stones, iron bars and nails provided billets to each other. The Indian press, according to a commanding Indian was a soldier, was thrown down a slope. Other soldiers fell in a freezing river or were pushed into. For hours the battle in the Himalayas to have lasted on Monday.

Till Fähnders

The number of dead and wounded suggests that it must have been hit a wild on each other. India reported 20 Dead. Among them are many Wounded to be have been frozen to death in the icy mountains. China was silent on the number of the Fallen in their ranks. This is not unusual for the Chinese information policy. “I can’t remember any armed conflict with China’s participation, in which like numbers during the conflict published,” wrote the military and China expert Taylor Fravel on Twitter.

The editor-in-chief of the party newspaper, Global Times, Hu Xijin, and operated as unofficial foreign Ministry spokesman, said the Silence in Beijing on Twitter so: they wanted To avoid that the population in both countries, comparisons of the dead figures to the mood of the Public, to fuel more. In the next Tweet, Hu Xijin goss, however, but Oil to the fire: “17 injured Indian soldiers were killed reportedly because they could not be rescued in time.” The Indian army was obviously not in the position to “real modern warfare on the mountain plateau”.

Unarmed, in order to avoid escalations

Shots should not have fallen in the conflict. In order to prevent an unwanted escalation, the soldiers are in the area on their patrols, mostly unarmed, on-the-go. Both sides accuse each other to have the occasion for the confrontation to be delivered. Indian media reported that Chinese soldiers had built a sentry post in an area that had been set up according to a previous agreement as a buffer zone between the troops of the two sides. The Chinese military accused, however, Indian soldiers, to have a Chinese territory “deliberately provocative attacks” against those agreements failed to be performed, which were achieved last week on commander level. Foreign Minister Wang Yi demanded in a telephone conversation with the Indian foreign Minister, an investigation into the incident and a “punishment of those responsible”.

According to Indian experts, this is the first Time since 1975 that there has been in the border conflict between China and India Dead. The incident is seen in India as a Aggression of China and anti-Stokes Chinese feelings. On Wednesday a Demonstration took place in front of the Chinese Embassy in Delhi. Calls for a Boycott of Chinese Goods were according to the. The Hindu nationalist government should have encouraged their followers to withhold. India’s Prime Minister Narendra modi but found clear words. The sacrifice would have been of Indian soldiers, will not be in vain. “For us, unity and sovereignty of the country are the most Important. India wants peace, but it is able to give the fee at the end of the response if it is provoked,“ said modes, on Wednesday.

China tried, however, the fighting downplay. The Chinese media reported only briefly and on the edge about it. In the censored social networks, it came to nationalist fury, which is otherwise kindle in China easily. Beijing shows no discernible interest to escalate the situation by a Spur of emotions.


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