dead migrant trapped by the flames

A fire breaks out in the Gran Ghetto, a migrant dies in the flames. It happened last night, shortly after three, in the migrant ghetto of Torretta Antonacci, in the countryside between San Severo, Foggia and Rignano Garganico.

For reasons yet to be ascertained, the fire enveloped two shacks, trapping a migrant who slept in one of the two makeshift lodgings, leaving no way out. For him there was nothing more to do: the charred body was discovered by the firefighters, who arrived from the San Severo detachment, during the operations to extinguish the flames. The men of 115 are still in place, together with the carabinieri and the magistrate on duty who will have to shed light on the incident and identify the victim. In the March 2017in the same place, two other laborers lost their lives in a devastating fire that affected a hundred makeshift lodgings.

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