Dead or Alive 6 sells 350,000 units in its first month; 40% less than DOA 5


Koei Tecmo has published its latest financial report in which it takes stock of the year just ended (4th quarter / 2014). The Yokohama study (Japan) details in the document the cumulative sales of its latest releases, where Dead or Alive 6 stands out for having distributed 350,000 units in its first month on sale; it is about 40% less of what he reported Dead or Alive 5 in 2012 during its thirty days of launch.

The fifth numbered episode of the saga managed to convince more than 580,000 players in its debut, which shows that something failed to convince the public of an IP of the well-established fighting genre in the market.

The numbers surprise even more when we see another title of their Koei Tecmo as it is Warriors Orochi 4, published at the end of 2018 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, added more than 700,000 units sold, double

However, it was not the quality that failed in Dead or Alive 6. As Salvatore Fernández recounts in his analysis, which we qualified with an 8 out of 10, "improvement in the ring with changes in mechanics and new additions that are quite successful. through the enormous possibilities of the new S button, much more versatile and deeper than it seems at the beginning, and continuing with the breathtaking new features, which allow you to see less predictable and more variety matches when creating combos ".

The commitment of Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja is to continue to support the title through content updates and an attempt to approach eSports in events such as DOA6 World Championship.

Dead or Alive 6 is available since last March for PS4, Xbox One is PC.


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