Deadly Accident on Cipali Toll Road, Truck Driver Survived After Jumping Avoiding Bus

MAJALENGKA, KOMPAS.comDeadly accident on the Cipali toll road Km 150, Majalengka, West Java, Sunday (23/8/2020) left 4 people dead and 11 others injured.

The accident involved a bus, elves and a tronton truck.

The unfortunate incident began when a bus crashed into a tronton truck parked on the outer left shoulder of the road.

The bus with police number Z 7519 AA allegedly hit a parked tronton truck because it broke down due to a problematic axle.

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It is suspected that the bus speed was fast so that it could not be controlled by the driver so that the car crashed into the back of the truck.

“For the tronton, which was repairing the axles at that time, there were no victims. The problem is the driver when repairing the tires jumped immediately as soon as an incident occurred,” explained Bismo.

He also explained that the tronton truck with the police number H 1577 PV only suffered damage on the rear.

Meanwhile, the bus was wrecked in the front and reversed after hitting the tronton truck.

“The tronton is only damaged by the car due to being pushed or pushed. The problem is the tronton is carrying iron, the iron is heavy, so the axle of the car breaks,” said Bismo.

The victim gets compensation

The accident that happened in Cipali KM 150 toll road, Majalengka, West Java, on Sunday (23/8/2020) at 14.30 WIB, leaving 4 people dead and 10 others injured.

Chief of Majalengka Police, AKBP Bismo Teguh Prakoso, said that those who died would receive compensation of Rp. 50 million per person and Rp. 20 million for injured victims.

His party received confirmation regarding the compensation after coordinating with Jasa Raharja.

“We have already come to Jasa Raharja. We will definitely investigate the case. Then, Jasa Raharja will be given 50 million compensation for the victim, 20 million for injured victims,” ​​he said.

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Bismo said, currently the police have conducted the TKP, and the survivors have been visited and are being treated by Mitra Plumbon Hospital. While the victim died, his body was taken to the Arjawinangun Regional Hospital.


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