Deadly Phenomenon: Selfie Extreme – WORLD


eHe stands next to the railroad track, somewhere in Hyderabad, India. In his right hand, on his outstretched arm, he holds his smartphone, making a selfie video of himself. The train races up behind him, the flashing light goes on again and again. The young man shines in the dopamine rush, continues to film, someone warns him by acclamation. Maybe what he sees on his mobile phone display looks like the scene from an action movie: surreal, unreal. He does not seem to understand that he is in acute mortal danger. Then his phone flies through the air and the recording stops. That was in January 2018, the video is still available on the internet, hashtag “#selfiedeath”. Since 2012, the British anthropologist Daniel Miller is investigating social media behavior worldwide. In his study “Why We Post” he examined the selfie preferences of different countries with eight colleagues.


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