Deadly shot at Walter Lübcke: The problem is not called RAF


Deadly shot at Walter Lübcke

There have been 140 casualties of right-wing violence since 1993. Nevertheless, many refer to the 70s after the killing of Lübcke. The relation is oblivious to history.

A police officer secures the traces of an explosion in the Keupstraße

Terror also existed in Germany after the RAF – for example in Cologne's Keupstraße Photo: dpa

Some people are reminded of the Red Army Faction since the investigative authorities suspect a right-wing radical background in the murder of the regional president of Kassel, Walter Lübcke, and that a suspect with relevant connections and a record-keeping past has been arrested.

The RAF seems to remain the undisputed reference framework for the brutal disruption of civil peace in Germany, even more than 26 years after the last attack attributed to it.

But why? During the same period since the spring of 1993, the Amadeu Antonio Foundation counts more than 140 deaths from right-wing violence. At least part of a right-wing terrorist network was uncovered in 2011 with the NSU. Comparative values ​​apart from the RAF are therefore sufficient.

And yet the fast chain of associations always leads back to the Baader-Meinhof group and their heirs. As understandable as it may be that the murder of a politician throws the public memory into the leaden time, so here becomes the void of German self-perception.

Homeless people, florists and food service operators of non-German origin, asylum seekers, punks, sexual minorities and the left – the goals of the right-wing murderers have less weight, they are perceived in the majority society itself as a foreign body.

The murderous reality of right-wing terror, on the other hand, is often worth little more than a shrug for the defenders of the liberal democratic order.

Their deaths and injuries never gained the driving symbolic power that could have justified rigorous isolation and the ensuing vigorous persecution of the perpetrators and their milieu. Behind it are comfort, indifference and again and again racism.

“Violence, terror, murder – it can not go on like this. … Now you have to act. The CDU demands the legal measures that effectively combat terrorism. Open violence and infiltration must no longer be tolerated; the enemies of the liberal, democratic order must be declared to fight. “

The placarded the Union in 1977 after the murder of Attorney General Siegfried Buback. The RAF's toolbox included dragnets, the cross-party Great Crisis Staff at the Chancellor's Office, mental games about the shooting of prisoners, the massive criminalization of actual and alleged sympathizers, including decades of repression.

The murderous reality of right-wing terror, on the other hand, is often worth little more than a shrug for the defenders of the liberal democratic order. The reports of right-wing radicals in the police, the Bundeswehr and the judiciary are not aborting. Its parliamentary arm is consolidating throughout the republic and may have hopes of being involved in state governments later this year. Nothing, but nothing at all reminds us of the RAF. Not even the murder of Walter Lübcke.

Everyone has to act

That even attentive and sensitive observers in this crime want to see a possible turning point in dealing with right-wing terrorism, is probably the expression of a very special Déformation professionnelle that affects all who regularly deal with Nazis and their networks: the unbelief, the Stunned that nothing is happening.

Every new murder should be this turning point, no one will. This does not change the history-forgotten RAF reference. For as long as every single death toll of right-wing violence as a symbol for an attack on society as a whole does not affect their self-assurance, as long as racism and social exclusion are part of everyday life, then the terrorists, even if they are executing a CDU politician, remain single perpetrators.

Just “boys from here” beating their strings, whose crimes tell us nothing about the fertile humus of murderous contempt for human beings, which pervades the entire country and its institutions and which calls for urgent action.

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