Dear driver of Hoy surprises everyone by confirming that OnlyFans will open | VIDEO

The drivers of the Today Program are some of the most recognized Mexican television personalities in Mexico, so every time they give a news they raise controversy or emotion among viewers and fans. This time Galilea Montijo was the one in charge of taking the glances, since it gave a news that few expected.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco’s ex-girlfriend took advantage of a few minutes inside the morning to confirm that will open your official OnlyFans account, reason why the members of the morning were surprised with this news; while many of the fans will fulfill one of the dreams they had since the application was opened.

Gali is one of the most beautiful and talented women on Mexican television, for what many of her fans wanted to see her within the OF application, since people will be able to pay for different content than what is normally uploaded to their official accounts.

This is how he announced the news

The reality is that the announcement was made during the dynamic “Pass it to the blackboard”, where in the company of the members of the Banda El Recodo he decided to give the news in a joking atmosphere while Arath de la Torre, the driver of the dynamics, gave the rules for the contestants.

Before I finished giving the guidelines, The one born in Guadalajara decided to stop her partner in order to give the news that left everyone with their mouths open in the forum, but this news was well received on social networks, since many of the users took on the task of encouraging her to open said account.

It should be noted that the OnlyFans application is recognized for having content that leaves little to the imagination, For this reason, on many occasions, people can pay large amounts of money, that is, Galilea Montijo could get a large sum of money for uploading photos with little clothes or very tight clothes.

Now we just have to wait for the host of the Hoy Program decides to open the account or confirm that it was all a joke during the program.


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