Death after cosmetic surgery: Daniel Ojeda is prohibited from practicing as a surgeon – Police

The Member of the Concordia Appeals Chamber, Mariano Caprarullo, reversed Judge Mario Figueroa’s decision, and prohibited surgeon Daniel Ojeda from practicing as a plastic surgeon until there is a final judgment in the case.

The Concordia specialist will not be able to use his medical license until his procedural situation is resolved, he informed Elonce the prosecutor Martín Núñez.

“A video circulated in which it was shown that the doctor would be performing possible surgical interventions. He was forbidden to practice until his causes are resolved. This is to prevent the crime from being committed again and harming third parties. Judge Figueroa understood that this would harm Ojeda in his right to work and did not grant the request. I appealed the decision because it is not logical, the right to work is impaired, but not for a capricious reason, but because of the accusation that he has, especially for death, for malpractice, for not having an enabling title, without suitable material ”, commented the prosecutor.

He also remarked that “the member of the Chamber understood that my request was reasonable and revoked that decision. Now he will not be able to practice medicine ”.

In the investigation, it still remains to present a chemical expertise that was carried out by the laboratory of the Supreme Court of La Nación. When that is, the case will be referred to trial. “It is about to be presented. It is an expertise that took a long time. At the end of the judicial fair, in February, we will present the referral of the case to trial ”, he added.

Explained to Elonce that “there is a deceased person and people who are left with important consequences. One person lost their sense of smell; a woman with breast cancer did not have the tumor removed; there are girls who could not use mesh again because of the mutilations that it has caused them. It is a very important cause. There are seven cases that are in process ”.

He considered that “all the evidence has been collected and that is why in February we will ask for the oral debate.”

The fact

On January 28, 2019, the death of Iris Amaro, the 45-year-old woman of Uruguayan nationality, who had undergone cosmetic surgery at the clinic (not authorized) of the Concordian doctor Daniel Ojeda.

Amaro decompensated during the intervention, went into a coma and was referred in an ambulance to the Delicia Concepción Masvernat Hospital, where she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, but died a few days later. As a result of the woman’s death, Ojeda was arrested and later charged with the crime of malpractice and homicide.

Almost two years after the death of the native of Paysandú, the Concordian doctor remains free until the time of the trial.

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