[Death-killing film]The airport elevator malfunctioned woman “evaporated” as soon as she stepped out! It was only after 3 days that the smelly corpse was found dead at the bottom of the ladder shaft

The airport elevator malfunctioned, and the woman “evaporated” as soon as she stepped out! It was only after 3 days that the body was smelly and was found dead at the bottom of the ladder shaft. (Translated from Indonesian “Compass”)

An unfortunate accident occurred at Indonesia’s Kualanamu International Airport recently. An elevator in the airport was out of order, but a woman, Asiyah, unfortunately got on the dead elevator. As a result, after the elevator stopped on a certain floor, Ashiya stepped out directly, and then “evaporated” fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft, and her body was not found until 3 days later.

According to Indonesian “Compass” and Malaysia’s “China Press”, on April 24, Ahiya sent relatives to the airport on the same day, and then Ahiya left. But not long after, Ashiya received a call from a relative, so Ashiya turned back to the airport, and then boarded the death elevator. From the monitor screen of the elevator, it can be seen that Ashiya was very anxious in the elevator, and then this elevator has doors at the front and back, and when the elevator stops on a certain floor, the back door opens, but Ahiya didn’t notice. After that, Ashiya was eager to get out from the front door, so she kept pressing the button and continued to talk, and then the front door of the elevator opened, and Ashiya stepped out directly, but at this time she fell straight to the bottom of the elevator shaft, and was also in the picture ” Disappeared in an instant.”


Ashiya was eager to step out of the elevator door, but fell into the elevator shaft and died tragically. (reposted from twitter)

It is reported that the relative and friend who spoke to Ashiya was Ashiya’s nephew, but the nephew couldn’t wait for Ashiya’s reply and arrival, so he left first. However, since his nephew could not contact Ashiya, he found that she was missing for no reason. He thought that there was a high possibility that she was stuck in the elevator, so he called the police. The police and airport personnel checked the surveillance cameras and found Ahiya’s whereabouts and the moment of her disappearance. However, the report also pointed out that when her nephew informed the airport personnel immediately, the airport insisted that “the elevator was operating normally” and that Ahiya was not found. No trace of Shia.

Afterwards, some airport personnel also smelled the stench of corpses at the bottom of the elevator shaft, so they found the location of Ashiya’s body on the 27th. As for why there is a problem with the elevator, the airport has not yet given an answer, but this incident has aroused a lot of discussion among the local people, who believe that the airport has obvious negligence, and the elevator has obvious problems but refuses to admit it. In addition, the report also pointed out that both the police and the airport are now blaming Ashiya for the “mistake”, saying that she was eager to open the elevator door, but it was a pity that she made a wrong operation.

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