Death of Isaac Kappy: Thor's actor dies after falling off a bridge


An actor who appeared in Terminator: Salvation and Thor died after falling off a bridge.

Police said Isaac Kappy, 42, fell from the Transwestern Road Bridge on Interstate 40 near Bellmont, Arizona, before being hit by a car.

The actor was declared dead on the spot Monday, said the spokesman for the Arizona Public Security Department, Bart Graves, in a statement released to People.

Mr. Kappy, who also appeared in Breaking Bad, made the news last year after being accused of assaulting Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson.

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It has been claimed that he suffocated during a night party.

The police statement said: "On May 13, 2019 at 7:26 am, the troops were called into the Interstate 40 eastbound to Transwestern Road (milepost 185) for a subject who forced himself to move away from the Transwestern Rd. Bridge on the Interstate 40.

kappy was accused of strangling his friend, Paris Jackson at a party in 2018. (Getty Images)

"He was then struck by a passing car. The man was identified as 42-year-old Issac Kappy of Albuquerque, NM.

"Mr. Kappy died on the spot."

kappy he starred in Terminator: Salvation

Before his death, Mr. Kappy wrote a long message, which he uploaded as an Instagram post.

Isaac kappy in a scene at Thor

He added the caption: "Beware of the man who has nothing to lose, because he has nothing to protect".

In the message, he said he "betrayed" a number of people including Donald Trump and Jesus Christ.

The message said: "During the last week, through the introspection that should have occurred MANY years ago, I came to some real revelations about my character.

"It is a testimony of my absolute arrogance that these revelations did not arrive earlier.

"See, I thought I was a good boy.

"I wasn't a good boy. In fact, I've been a bad boy all my life. I've sold drugs. I have tax defaults. I have debts

"I abused my body with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. I was abusive to the people who loved me, including my FAMILY."

The actor also apologized to his friends.

For confidential assistance call the Samaritans at 116123, or visit a local branch of the Samaritans. See

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