Death of Isabelle Lemaire: a well-soaked pen of La Libre has gone

Isabelle Lemaire, journalist at La Libre Belgique, passed away at the age of 47, carried away by a devastating cancer. Our colleague faced the ordeal with the strength that characterized her, drawn from her tough character which made her a remarkable journalist nominated, notably, on several occasions, for the Belfius Prize.

Active for the pixel and paper pages of La Libre Belgique, it was in 2009, through the Gazette de Liége, in the regional pages of La Libre, that she began to express herself within the IPM group (La Libre, La DH, Paris Match Belgium). In 2015, she joined the Economy department where she distinguished herself, in particular, in the monitoring of long-term files. She was a sharp journalist, active on social, societal and economic aspects. You have been able, on more than one occasion, to read its detailed content on La DH as well, which it gladly contributed to as soon as a major social conflict was underway in our country.

Rest in peace, Isabelle.

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