Death Train Driver: He prevented a collision at the same place 3 years ago, now he has died

The track of Český Brod has already become a fateful 40-year-old train driver who lost his life in a tragic train collision on Tuesday evening. He prevented a similar collision in the same section years ago.

It happened three years ago, when there was a threat of a passenger train colliding with a trolley. In any case, due to the prompt reaction of the then 37-year-old driver, there was no collision in the end and the trains were stopped less than 50 meters apart. The man was later even praised for his readiness.

“We can confirm that it was the same driver who in June 2017 prevented a train collision in the same section near Český Brod,” confirmed ČD spokeswoman Gabriela Novotná.

During Tuesday’s train accident near Český Brod, the already mentioned passenger train driver died and another 35 people were injured, four people are seriously injured.

The tragic train accident claimed one human life. Watch the Nova TV report:


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