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Before meeting the mayors, Emmanuel Macron listened. While the great debate has just begun and must take place everywhere in France until March 15, several ministers expressed themselves during the government seminar on January 9th on the opportunity to maintain or not the government's work program as it is expected for the first quarter. In particular, the reform of the public service, whose main lines are already known – provides for the voluntary departure, the recruitment of more contract workers, the merit of merit – and that should allow over the five years to eliminate 120,000 civil service positions. .

Gérald Darmanin, head of public accounts, had just presented his roadmap when Jean-Yves Le Drian spoke. "It may be necessary to stop the absurdity We already have a crisis in our hands, we might not add the officials", said Foreign Minister, according to information revealed by Europe 1, Wednesday 16 January, and so on the World has been confirmed Before explaining: "State agents are not necessarily technocrats, they are also caregivers, nurses, customs officers, police officers, etc. It should not aggravate the situation."

Other ministers have agreed with the former socialist. "Claims Ministers"said a participant, citing Florence Parly, minister of defense, and Christophe Castaner, interior minister. "The reform of the state is on the menu of the great debate, so it would not be absurd to wait for the reform of the public function"judge a minister from civil society. Before adding: "In the current period, we need to be soothing and soothing.It is not sure that this reform will fill this box."

«Managerial reform»

On the other hand, other members of the government believe that the executive has already modified the first-quarter program and that it is necessary to carry out what was announced. In this case the reform of unemployment insurance on which the executive will have to look if the social partners, convened to find from 1 to 1.3 billion euro of savings in the year, have not succeeded to hear from here until February 22nd and that of public service.

In front of the "yellow jackets" and after having decided to launch the great debate, Emmanuel Macron has in fact decided to postpone some reforms. Or because, like pensions, they are politically explosive. Or because they have emptied the consultation of part of its legitimacy and the government has promised to take into account the claims of the French on this occasion.


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