Debut trailer for the new game Ninja Theory – Bleeding Edge – Gambling

Slovak portal Xboxer published debut trailer Bloody border – this is a competitive action film from Ninja theorywhere two teams of four players fight in hand-to-hand combat.

Head of battle mechanics Rakhni Tucker – designer of the combat system DmC: Devil May Cry.

Judging by the video presented, the game will have a lot of completely different characters with their abilities and features – so far it looks like a heroic shooter like Team fortress 2 is Overwatch.

The technical alpha test of the project will start on June 27th. The official announcement is expected at the Microsoft press conference – it will start on June 9th at 11.00 pm Moscow time.

May 22, it became known that the theory of ninja registered Bleeding Edge brand, and now the movie debut trailer for the action appeared on the network. Most likely, its development started long before Microsoft bought the studio, so the company had no influence on the idea of ​​the game.


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