Decision of trial of former presidents should not be left to the MP: López Obrador

The president considered that there is enough time for the SCJN to determine if the exercise is valid. Photo: Cuartoscuro


The determination of whether or not to prosecute former presidents of the Republic It should fall on the citizens and not on the Public Ministry, assured this Friday the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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He reiterated that the citizen exercise of convening a consultation is good and that people are the ones to decide whether their predecessors are prosecuted.

“The investigation will advance in the prosecutor’s office, in the courts, the public debate will be opened, those who are in favor, those who are against and the people will decide informed and with their criteria and with their freedom. It is a good exercise to do it, it is much better than leaving it to the Public Ministry ”, considered the head of the Executive.

It even considered that there is the possibility that the consultation exercise is binding, that is, that, if the result is to initiate legal processes, the jurisdictional authorities would be obliged to exercise them.

“Imagine if the result is binding, because it seems that the law establishes that if there is a participation greater than 40 percent, it is already binding, that is, it is almost mandatory for the authority,” López Obrador pointed out.

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He considered that there is enough time for the Supreme court determine if the exercise is valid, and if so, there would still be a good period to determine when it is carried out and to organize its application.

“There will, of course, be a lot of debate, and there is time for that because if the requirements are met in September, the Supreme Court decides, the rest of the year and still half of next year will be held,” he said.

He established that during these months there will be a good debate on the subject that, basically, is about fight corruption.



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