Declaration of love: Frankfurt am Main – the eternally underrated city


VMany bankers in London are scared: are they threatening to move to Frankfurt because of Brexit? Do they have to leave their hip cosmopolitan city to move to a place they know little more than that where the European Central Bank is based and where sour wine is drunk from apples?

An image problem has the city on the Main also with most tourists. Although millions of them land in Frankfurt, they do not get to see anything except the airport. Frankfurt is nothing more than a transit point from which you can travel fast. What a mistake!

The Hessian metropolis is more international than any other German city, it is much more casual than expected, it has world-class museums and constantly reinvents itself. Ten good reasons for Frankfurt from one who reluctantly moved here to study a quarter of a century ago, but stayed – and fell in love with the city long ago.


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