‘Declaration of the Korean Medical University Challenge’ Kim Ji-won, former announcer, announces regrettable failure

Kim Ji-won

Former announcer Kim Ji-won, who worked as a KBS announcer and then resigned and challenged the oriental medical school, announced the disappointing news of failure.

Former announcer Kim Ji-won posted on his Instagram on the 12th that I finally failed this year’s oriental medical school challenge. I think the biggest reason is that, even after a year of study, my skills haven’t developed that much at the level I was at when I left the company.”

He joined KBS as an announcer in 2012 and resigned in January 2021. Since then, he has expressed his intention to challenge the entrance to the oriental medical school, and has been steadily collecting topics by sharing his studies through social media such as YouTube.

Former announcer Kim Ji-won said on Instagram, “Actually, there have been quite shocking and good things in our house over the past few months. did,” he said.

In addition, he said, “I think 2022 will be spent trying a little bit more challenges. If you actually bump into those challenges and do them in parallel, the moment will come when your mind becomes clear, isn’t it?” He said, “Thanks to those who supported and studied with us. I was greatly relieved and my heart that was aching was healed a lot. I am truly grateful.”

Reporter Lee Eun-kyung


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