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ANNUAL SPEECH: Pope Francis looks at those present before he starts the Christmas speech.

The British news anchor Kylie Pentelow (42) on ITV News was injured on Christmas Eve for incorrectly conveying that the pope was dead.


Updated today 14:54

It all happened when the anchor was to tell what Pope Francis (85) said in his annual Christmas speech “Urbi et Orbi” – which in Norwegian means “for the city and for the world”.

The speech was given by the pope from a balcony in St. Peter’s Church on St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

– At the same time, the pope’s speech focused on his prayers that the pandemic must come to an end, he said that vaccines must be made available to those in greatest need, Pentelow started.

Then she continued, somewhat less fortunate:

– His death was announced … uh, excuse me …

But the pope was not dead.

He lives, apparently in the best of circumstances:

NOT DEAD: Pope Francis (85) gave his annual Christmas speech on December 24

By then, however, the mistake had already been made – and as news anchor Pentelow is now painfully experiencing, it is not possible to unpublish a live TV program.

However, she is not alone in declaring celebrities dead. In 2017, the Norwegian left the news agency NTB issued an erroneous message that our own king was dead.

Shortly after Penetlow’s mistake, it took off on social media.

BBC journalist Scott Bryan was one of those who took to Twitter:

– ITV just declared the pope’s death by mistake, he wrote.

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Shortly afterwards, he wrote the update:

– Just to confirm, the pope is not dead.

Alstair Coleman, another BBC journalist, also commented on the incident.

– Who of us has not accidentally announced the pope’s death to the whole nation on Christmas Eve?

While a third Twitter user posted the actual clip and asked:

– Is the pope dead?

The Pope is thus not dead, and during the annual speech were part of the focus on some of the world’s wars and conflicts.

Among other things, the pope lamented what he described as enormous tragedies that have been bypassed by the world community in silence in Yemen and Syria, writes NTB.

– Let’s look to Iraq, where people are still struggling to get back on their feet after a long conflict. Let us listen to the children’s cries in Yemen, where a huge tragedy, overlooked by all, has been going on in silence for years, causing death every single day.

LIVE: Pope Francis during his annual Christmas speech from the Vatican.

– Let us send our thoughts to the people of Syria, who for over ten years have lived with a war that has led to many casualties and a myriad of displaced persons.

The pope also used the speech to warn against escalation in the conflict in Ukraine, and he took the time to talk about the consequences of the pandemic:

– In this time of pandemic, our ability to have social conditions has been put to the test. There is a growing tendency to retire. And at the international level, there is a risk of avoiding dialogue. Yet only this path can lead to a solution to conflicts and to lasting benefits for all.

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