declining registrations for Neuchtel vaccination

Neuchâtel (awp / ats) – While 50% of the Neuchâtel population has received a dose of vaccine, registrations for vaccination are on the decline. The canton of Neuchâtel is launching a communication campaign to encourage residents to be vaccinated, now open from the age of 12.

“Not to be vaccinated is socially accepted to be the propagator of an extremely contagious Delta variant”, declared Monday Laurent Kurth, State Councilor in charge of health. “Currently, the coverage rate is not sufficient. It must be increased among those under 40,” added Claude-François Robert, cantonal doctor.

In order to counter the spread of the variant, the canton would like to achieve a full vaccination coverage rate of 80%, whereas it currently reaches 30.8%. As registrations for vaccination are declining, the provisional center of La Maladière, in Neuchâtel, will shut down on August 13 and will be dismantled.

“It is still necessary to put a brake on the circulation of the virus to avoid allowing the appearance of new variants, for which the vaccines would not have taken”, added the cantonal doctor.

John Howe in reinforcement

The canton will therefore launch a communication campaign in favor of vaccination from July 5 to August 15 on social networks, in buses or for example in gas stations. He notably called upon the testimonies of six personalities including John Howe, illustrator of “Lord of the Rings”.

In the canton of Neuchâtel, 90,000 people will be fully vaccinated by the end of July. For people over 75 years old, 80% are fully vaccinated. For more than three months, no case of infection has been detected in fully vaccinated residents in nursing homes.

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