Decl's mother said why her heart stopped

MOSCOW, 16 February – RIA news. The mother of the rapper Cyril of Tolmatsky (Decl) Irina Tolmatskaya on the air of the First Channel told why her son's heart has stopped.

"The cause of death is overload: he has written two albums in the last six months, once he complained that his arm suffered and had a leg," said Irina Tolmatskaya.

He noticed that Decl could not die due to the ingestion of prohibited substances or alcohol, as forensic medicine confirmed their absence in the blood.

Tolmatsky died on 4 February at the age of 35. The artist fell ill after a concert in Izhevsk. According to its concert director, Pavel Belentsev, cardiac arrest was the cause of death. The farewell ceremony with Decl took place at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow.

Decl's debut album, "Who? You?" It was published in 2000 and became one of the best-selling discs in Russia. In total, the musician recorded eight albums and repeatedly became the winner of the Russian music awards.



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