Deconfinement in Italy, the glue of school reopenings and Trump predicted a vaccine

The Trastevere district in Rome, May 3, 2020. – AFP

Did you miss the news of this early morning? We have put together a summary to help you see more clearly.

Europe, Italy at the head as of Monday, launches this week in the deconfinement of its million inhabitants, at the time when on the other side of the Atlantic, the American president Donald Trump promises a vaccine against the coronavirus before the end of the year. Encouraged by the announcement Sunday of 174 deaths in Italy in 24 hours, the lowest number since the start of confinement, the authorities will begin a relief expected by all, to start an economy knocked down by the disease. This opening remains very cautious: no retail businesses, no bars or restaurants, telecommuting encouraged, no family reunion even if it will be possible to go to see your loved ones living in the same region, social distancing maintained including in transport, no gathering, no picnic in the park…

The association of the mayors of Ile-de-France, including the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, wrote Sunday to Emmanuel Macron asking him to postpone the reopening of the schools to a date later than May 11, denouncing a deconfinement “on the march” forced ”. “The preparation for the deconfinement is done in a calendar with forced march, while we do not yet have all the information to prepare the population, and that the directives are fluid”, argue the 329 mayors signatories of the open letter to the president , published on the site of The gallery, among which is the PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

Adopting a resolutely optimistic tone, Donald Trump predicted a coronavirus vaccine on Sunday by the end of 2020 and an economically “incredible” year 2021. Six months before the presidential election, the American president, whose lack of empathy is very criticized, did not dwell on the balance sheet of the pandemic which made more 67,600 dead in the United States and which made jump jobless claims at new levels.

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