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The path of citizenship income for non-EU foreigners becomes more complex: the Senate Labor Commission has approved an amendment of the Lega to the decree that binds access to the presentation of "certification" of income and assets and of the family unit issued by the State of provenance, "translated" into Italian and "legalized by the Italian consular authority". Political refugees are exempted and those coming from countries from which certification can not be obtained. However, the Ministry of Labor will have three months to draw up the list of these countries.

Understood in the majority on the modifications to the decree: M5S and Lega have withdrawn about half of the amendments presented in the Labor Commission in the Senate. The League has renounced the different income stakes, from the limit to the renewal of the benefit to the double incentive stop for those who hire in the South up to the 36-hour increase of socially useful services for those who have the benefit. At home M5S withdrew the proposals on sanctions, on the scale of equivalence and on the floor for the redemption of the degree, topics on which the government has however repeatedly said it wants to intervene.

A squeeze comes up against the 'scoundrels' of divorce: the Senate Labor Commission approved the amendment of the League which states that if the separation or divorce took place after September 1, 2018, former spouses applying for citizenship income must certify that they no longer reside in the same house with " special report of the municipal police ".



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