Deep Silver: the PC version of Metro Exodus was released in the Epic Games Store


After The Division 2, another high-profile game has changed the download platform: the PC version of Metro Exodus will not be released on Steam, but exclusively on Epic Games Store. In a statement, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says that the Deep Silver publisher because of the "Epic marketing support" and for one "88 percent stake in sales" decided on this step – at Steam, depending on sales, only from 70 to 80 percent. The highest percentage for developers and publishers "further investment in game development"says Sweeney. During the year, the first two Metro games will be published on Epic Games Store.

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Anyone who has already booked Metro Exodus on Steam or another online store gets it there. However, the title for pre-orders in the Epic Games Store costs 50 euros, on Steam it is 60 euros. The corresponding page on Steam is still online at the editorial deadline of this news, which is likely to change rapidly.

Based on the 4A Engine Metro Exodus runtime environment will be released on February 15, 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and for Windows PC. It was not until the weekend that the developer Studio 4A Games had announced the system requirements (not entirely conclusive). The PC version on Steam is protected by Denuvo, presumably the software is also used in Epic Games Store.

Metro Exodus (played on sends players no longer as the first two parts of the series in the Moscow subway, but on the Earth's surface with a train called Aurora to the east. There, the main character Artyom and his friends are looking for a new home – which turns out to be a long journey full of danger and adventure.


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