Deep "Zarmina" brings rain at the beginning of the week


The "Zarmina" low causes rain in Germany in the next few days. This was announced by the German Weather Service (DWD) of Offenbach.

Last Sunday, therefore, in the north-west of Germany, rainfall on the surface is rainy. Partly light rain falls in the south-east. In the evening, thunderstorms start to the west. At the edge of the Alps it remains dry. The maximum temperatures are between 14 and 18 degrees. On the Upper Rhine, values ​​rise to 20 degrees.

Monday night is cloudy in the north, in the west and in the middle of Germany. Sometimes, rain showers. It remains mostly dry in the south and in the east. Temperatures fall to 10 or 2 degrees in the south-east. Monday starts under thick clouds. Sometimes there is rain, in the west of the republic, rains are expected later. The cloud cover gradually loosens in the south and in the east. It becomes sunny at the foot of the Alps and in the north of the Erzgebirge. They also prevail at very mild temperatures of 12 to 21 degrees. In the low mountain ranges it becomes stormy.

Tuesday night is raining north and west, as well as in the middle of Germany. It is the coolest in the south-east at temperatures of around three degrees. During the day, a rainy area will move from the northwest to the southeast. In the northwest you must expect strong gusts. At higher altitudes and on the North Sea threaten storms. On Wednesday night, it will be cloudy in the north and in the Alps. In some places rain falls.


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