Defender Schalke fake his own death to get money from the insurance. Now he’s behind bars

Former Schalke defender Hiannick Kamba will serve almost four years due to his own fake death. The former footballer defended himself by saying that he had been kidnapped and could not let the world know that he was alive. However, according to a German court, his defense was not credible.

Kambu, 35, and his six-year-old wife, mentioned in the court file as Christina von G., were sentenced by a German court to three years and ten months behind bars for insurance fraud.

Kamba pretended his own death so that the insurance company would pay his family a life insurance policy of more than one million euros. In 2016, he traveled to his native Congo, where he was to die in a car accident. The alleged unfortunate incident was reported by the German media at the time, and fans mourned.

The circumstances of the accident were already quite suspicious at that time. He was to go on a trip to the Congo hinterland without documents, money or a mobile phone.

Shortly after Kamba’s alleged death, his wife tried to claim his life insurance, and she had Cambod’s death certificate from the Congo at her disposal. The couple had previously tried to conclude an insurance contract with more than four million euros, but the company rejected this attempt.

Christina received only a part of the sum insured plus approximately 100 thousand euros (more than 2.5 million crowns) in compensation from the chemical company Evonik, where Kamba worked before his alleged accident in 2016.

Two years later, he reported to the German embassy in Kinshasa, Congo, and wanted to explain the situation so that he could return to Europe.

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Kamba tried an insurance fraud that would have gone through if his face had not been known to fans and journalists in Gelsenkirchen, the hometown of Schalke 04 in Germany. “After arriving in the Congo, they kidnapped me and dragged me to an unknown village where I was penniless,” he told his version of the story.

The result of this incident was that he could not connect with the rest of the world or his loved ones, and rumors spread that he had died. He even stated that his wife and mother had kidnapped him and taken his documents so that they could claim the premium.

According to the plaintiff, Kamba’s statement was not very credible and the court found him intelligent enough to be able to find a way to contact his loved ones after he was abducted. Kamba later returned to Germany and began working in a chemical plant again.

The verdict is not yet final and both Kamba and his wife Christina can appeal against it. Hiannick Kamba even worked at Schalke Academy alongside Manuel Neuer. In the end, he did not make it to the A-team and played in lower competitions in Germany before he started working in the chemical industry.


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