DEIS: Chile exceeded 20,000 deaths from Covid-19, between confirmed and probable, and active cases remain concentrated in the south

The Department of Statistics and Information (DEIS) of the Ministry of Health published the 23rd Weekly Report of Deaths. The document reveals that Chile reached 20,089 deaths this Saturday, between confirmed and probable cases, by Covid-19, since the beginning of the pandemic.

In detail, the Minsal report indicates that, as of November 19, 15,039 deaths with confirmed PCR tests and 5,059 suspected cases were registered. In addition, it explains that of the confirmed and probable reported cases in Epivigila, the median age is 38 years, where 6.52% corresponded to persons under 15 years of age, 24.39% to persons aged 15-29 years, the 29.49% to people 30-44 years old, 28.63% to people 45-64 years old, and the remaining 10.95% to adults 65 and over.

Meanwhile, according to 70th Epidemiological Report, also published today by the Health portfolio, there is a total of 610,829 accumulated cases of the virus, 537,585 with laboratory confirmation and 73,244 probable. The rate of 3,139.2 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Minsal explains that this last figure is the cumulative incidence rate, that is, the total of diagnosed cases (confirmed and probable) from March 3, 2020 -when the first case was reported- until the date of issuance of the current report. “It does not represent the current incidence rate, nor the number of people still in the stage of generating possible infections,” they specify.

The outlook in regions is far from positive, and those with the highest incidence rates for laboratory-confirmed cases, per 100,000 inhabitants, are Magallanes (8357.7), Arica and Parinacota (4146.2), and Metropolitana ( 4183.9).

Under this same parameter, the most affected commune is Puqueldón, located in the Los Lagos region, with a rate of 737.9. This, because it has 31 active cases in its 4,201 inhabitants. Then come Puerto Natales (550.8) and Queilén (469.1).

Regarding active cases, with 471, Puerto Montt is the commune with the most infections of this type in the country. It is followed by Temuco with 445 and behind the capital of La Araucanía is Punta Arenas with 374. For several weeks now, these three areas have been the most affected.

Among the 10 regions with the most cases, there is only one from the Metropolitan Region. Puente Alto with 227.

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