The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, said this Sunday that the country will receive local and foreign investments without revealing the origin of those funds, within the framework of the so-called anti-blockade law, to try to circumvent the financial sanctions imposed by the United States on the Government.

“The law contemplates mechanisms of confidentiality in information, confidentiality in identity, in object, in the development of the activity, there is a system with a technological platform that will allow the protection of these investments,” he explained in an interview that was released by the state channel VTV.

He noted that investors “did not approach Venezuela for fear of the blockade,” alluding to the numerous sanctions imposed by the United States and other countries on the Executive of Nicolás Maduro, but, he assured, “this law removes the veil of the blockade and offers mechanisms so that (…) they can have a safe development of their investments in the country ”.

In that sense, he reported that the president of the state oil company PDVSA, Asdrúbal Chávez, held meetings with businessmen in the sector to explain the investment possibilities that were opened after the “anti-blockade law” was approved by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) , made up only of official members.

“They were exposed to the law, all the options and possibilities they have for development in different areas, in this case in the oil field (…) the first guest is the national investor,” he said.

Rodríguez also indicated that US companies that still operate in Venezuela despite the sanctions will have the possibility of making new investments under the confidentiality contemplated in this legal instrument that was proposed by President Maduro and that Parliament considers illegal.

Parliamentary election

When asked about Spain’s refusal to recognize the legislative elections that Venezuela will hold in December, she commented: “Sometimes they get those colonialist outbursts (…) we are not anyone’s colony, we don’t have to ask anyone for permission for the people to vote.”

The vice president insisted on the right to sovereignty of the Caribbean country and predicted that in those votes, in which the bulk of the opposition will not participate as they are considered fraudulent, “the Venezuelan people will be victorious.”

The European Union (EU) will not recognize these elections as it considers that the conditions are not in place for it to be a democratic process, after failing to convince the Venezuelan Executive to postpone voting for about six months to agree to participate as international observers.

Accuse López

Rodríguez also referred to the opposition Leopoldo López, who since May 2019 has been at the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracas as a guest, after circumventing the house arrest in which he had been since mid-2017 in the framework of a sentence of thirteen years for a process that began in 2014.

“That is a character who is there every day, let the country know, planning violent actions in Venezuela, who are planning terrorist actions against our country every day,” he said after accusing the opponent of being one of the greatest “architects.” of economic sanctions.

The vice president added that López “has never distanced himself” from “extremist” actions and is “one of the people who has caused the most damage to the country.”


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