Delirium, this persistent symptom in patients with Covid-19 –

According to American doctors, delirium is a more common symptom in coronavirus patients.

A very common symptom

According to the results of a study published in the journal BMJ Open, the delirium is one of the symptoms of coronavirus, in addition to breathing difficulties, fatigue or headaches. the delirium is a medical term to describe confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment. According to American doctors, this symptom is more common in patients more seriously affected by the coronavirus.

Science Alert recalled that the delirium occurred in approximately 80% of patients admitted to intensive care due to the Covid-19. It would be caused by a loss of oxygen in the brain or generalized inflammation. The researchers indicated that the delirium could delay recovery of patients if left untreated.

A disturbance in 70% of patients

Experts sifted through the medical records of 148 patients admitted to a Michigan hospital between March and May 2021. They found that more than 70% of the group had suffered a prolonged disruption of their mental capacities. the delirium lasted for several days in these patients.

According to follow-up telephone surveys conducted between the first and second month of discharge, nearly half of patients discharged from hospital with signs of dementia required skilled nursing care to “to cope“at home. Indeed, their persistent confusion has diminished their ability to take care of themselves.

A median duration of 10 days

The authors of this study pointed out that the median duration of delirium is 10 days, longer compared to other critically ill populations. “Overall, this study highlights a new reason to get the vaccine“, notes the anesthesiologist, Phillip Vlisides, of the Michigan hospital.

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