Delta Freebox recharges the iPhone for, easily, 5 seconds – MacGeneration


Delta Freebox can charge an iPhone by induction … in 4 or 5 seconds. We could see it with a demonstration copy in a free center.

Once you have found the charging area (located in the front right corner of the box and marked with a pictogram), the iPhone will light up as when it is powered, then the battery icon on the screen initial goes into charging mode: in green with flash.

Alas, this state lasted only a few seconds. The icon quickly became white, a sign that our iPhone had stopped being powered.

Free promises nothing else, from the moment of its presentation and in its technical sheet, the operator points out that only Android smartphones are compatible, and anyway " some Android smartphones ", He was heard after the conference on Tuesday.

Of course, Delta Freebox is not limited to this function, all else. However, he had the honor of being highlighted among the news and is above all in a good position on the bonnet of the player.

It is as bad as surprising to see the operator talking about a recharge using the "Qi" standard, without doing just as good as a trivial wireless charger sold for about ten euros and easily manages the iPhone released for a year. As for the technical explanation of this gap, nada, Free remains silent.



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