Demands to permanently delete “Tik Tok” from phones

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A state of controversy has erupted, accompanied by anticipation during the past hours by the pioneers of the world famous site “Tik Tik”, after a senior US official demanded to permanently delete the application from iPhone and Android phones.
Brendan Carr, a spokesman for the US Communications Commission, sent a letter to Apple and Google demanding the removal of TikTok from their online app stores.
“I asked Apple and Google to remove the Tik Tok application from their online app stores, due to this application’s data collection practices,” Carr said in his message, which he posted on his Twitter page.
In his message, he stated that the TikTok application “collects several sensitive data related to users and their devices such as online search and browsing history, keyboard pressure patterns, biometric data, and message drafts.”
For their part, the organizers of the “Tik Tok” application confirmed that they “take all security steps to prevent employees from accessing any data, and that it directs all data of its users in the United States through Oracle’s servers,” according to what was published by the New York Times.

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