Demi Moore claims that Ashton Cacher cheated on them when they were both together

No one really expected that. Actress Demi Moore claims in her book that she experienced mistrust in her marriage to Ashton Cascher.

It will be recalled that the actors Demy Moore and Ashton Cacher began meeting in 2003 and married two years later. The couple divorced in 2011 and Demi experienced it very badly.

Demija Moore’s biographical book “Inside Out” is expected to be on store shelves in the last week of September. While fans and fans of the actress’ talent are waiting for this reading, the New York Times has already provided some insight into it by publishing short quotes from the book. In one of them, Moore talks about her marriage to Ashton Cacher, who was 15 years younger than him. The actress compares this relationship to something like a return to the past. “As if I could go back in time and experience again what it’s like to be young,” the actress compares. “I survived with him even more than when I was really twenty years old.”

In the book, Moore reveals that she had had a miscarriage while living with Kačer, as well as living with the drug “Vicodin”. But it all happened before she discovered that her husband was unfaithful. The excerpt from the book published in the newspaper does not explain anything in more detail about the distrust, its circumstances and reasons. The intrigue is preserved until the book reaches the store shelves.

One of the two acquaintances told Us Weekly that Ashton was not “angry” at what Demi Moore revealed in his memoirs. “Ashton knew it would happen. He is not angry or disappointed. This is true from Demi’s point of view, but she has always sympathized with Ashton. ” Does this mean that the actor will not try to deny the accusation of fraud?

It just seems like this isn’t the last time we hear about this cheating drama this fall…

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