Demo in Heidelberg, Germany: protests in front of HeidelbergCement – serious allegations against building materials group

Protest action in front of HeidelbergCement

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Heidelberg – On Thursday, a Demo will take place during the annual General meeting of HeidelbergCement. It the charges are serious:

  • On Thursday (4. June) takes place the annual General meeting of HeidelbergCement.
  • 250 protesters gather at the same time in front of the headquarters of the company in Heidelberg to protest against the policy of the company.
  • There are serious allegations against the building materials giant.

On Thursday (4. June) the Annual General meeting of HeidelbergCement instead. Because of the Corona pandemic, you had to be from may to June moved and runs completely because of the contact restriction virtually. The Building materials group had made for 2019, with a profit of 3.6 billion euros, an increase of 16 percent. While shareholders discuss about the current situation of the company via Live Chat, but at the same time, several people in front of the building in Heidelberg – with a clear Message.

Because while the Annual General meeting of HeidelbergCement a Demo instead. Environmental
-, Peace – and human rights organisationsincluding Fridays for Future, Watch Indonesia!, ROBIN WOOD and pax christi have to demonstrate gathered against the company policy, the building materials group.

During the annual General meeting: Demo against HeidelbergCement – serious allegations

The round 250 Protesters gather at 9:30 a.m. in front of the headquarters of HeidelbergCement. With posters, banners and masks, they are protesting against the building materials giant. You accuse him of, among other things, Climate targets not to be observed and construction projects Environmental and Human rights to compromise.

Protest action in front of HeidelbergCement

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Nice calculation does not bring climate justice. The climate targets of HeidelbergCement, must be the 1.5-degree target of the Paris climate protection agreement to meet“ calls for Line Niedeggen of Fridays for the Future of Heidelberg. “Even if the General meeting times to take place in the Corona-virtual, we carry our Protest on the road today. For HeidelbergCement also during the pandemic, continue to Fund – at the expense of climate, nature and human rights“ says Jana Ballenthien of ROBIN WOOD. “We are here, to this irresponsible production, denounce publicity, and climate justice.“

Fridays for Future calls for Demo against HeidelbergCement company expresses

In the case of the Demo against HeidelbergCement be adhered to the Corona-rules. To the Protest of self-Fridays for Future called. With whistle and Call the participants ‘ attention.

Protest action in front of HeidelbergCement

© HEIDELBERG24/PR-Video, Priebe

As the SWR reported, says Company spokesman the protests HeidelbergCement the overall societal discussion on the topic of climate change is generally welcome. Climate protection for the energy-intensive Company a priority Target. The company is working intensively to reduce CO2 emissions, and the Paris Climate agreement required. In a Sustainability report from the year 2018, it is on the topic of climate protection: “At the heart of our sustainability efforts, the climate protection: We have a duty to make our contribution to the global responsibility to limit the global temperature rise to below 2 degrees. We want to promote the Transition to a low-carbon economy and at the same time, the social and economic development of the countries where we operate.“

HeidelbergCement the world market list for cement and one for aggregates in the world to number two. The building materials group, with its headquarters in Heidelberg is in 60 countries and employs around 60,000 people. Alone in Heidelberg, around 1,000 people work.

At the beginning of June, around 4,000 people gathered at the “Black Lives Matter”Demonstration at the castle in Mannheim, Germany, to demonstrate against racism and police violence.


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