Democracy and idiots


In an interview with The supplement of Catalunya Ràdio, Pablo Echenique promptly recalled the origin of the word idiot, which in its etymological root (from the ancient Greek) does not mean "blessed", but "what does not interest public affairs, but only to its individuals". For the parents of democracy, therefore, an idiot was not lower, but the one who lived in the house, in the exclusive management of their own interests, indifferent to the common good. Echenique presented himself as an idiotic example understood in this original sense, since his political awareness was not produced until it was grandiose.

This is an important issue because one of the reasons that explain the poor quality of democracy in Spain is the equally low demand that many citizens apply to it. Many of the Transition leaders and political leaders have been responsible for this, which has encouraged, among the citizens, the idea that "politics" is something that is not something of theirs, and that it is better to move away and delegate ( leave it in the hands) of those who know it, to whom they have the right to despise but not to question or question. It is a tacit pact: I, a politician, take care of these afflicted and often burdensome or arid problems, in exchange for your vote for me and, if you want, stay with me, but do not disturb me. In short: you are an idiot (in the old sense), that we will do and disperse according to the codes, the sobreentes and the maneuvers that belong to the élite that we form.

Because politicians, even in the democracies we say advanced, always form an élite. But what happens when this elite is particularly unpleasant or malevolent? What happens when the citizen is relegated to the home and is satisfied? It happens that the system and the élite itself are corrupt and that the idea of ​​the common good vanishes, replaced by that of mere individual interest. Hannah Arendt treats the idiots and idiots in depth The human condition, a great book on humanity as a political and political fact as a human being.

In Spain (as in Catalonia, as in the Balearic Islands) the democratic stage has been dominated by the promotion of idioms and the formation of idiots (in the old sense). From the dismemberment of the Transition, which meant that those born before or after the death of Franco, we had to make an effort to understand what civil war and dictatorship meant (they presented democracy as a natural and optimal state in which we were fortunate to be born and for which we did not have to worry about) the anti-educational policies of the PP, aimed only to study to earn money without worrying about anything else. Until the outbreak of populism of citizens (now also followed by PP and Vox), consisting in issuing purely stomach messages, which do not support any analysis because they do not resist, suitable for millions of idiots (in the old sense, we insist) happy to be.


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