Democrat collects donations in NY


Zat least the enthusiasm of Douglas Emhoff is unbroken, that's for sure. Emhoff, the husband of presidential candidate Kamala Harris, stands in a Manhattan conference center on Sunday night and smiles proudly. In this election campaign they are all one family, assures Emhoff and praises the enthusiasm of the “K-Hive”. This is the self-description of the Harris fans, based on the “Bey-Hive” by mega-star Beyoncé. Emhoff stands between two large “For the People” poster walls in purple and pink. This is not an elegant charity gala with white tablecloths, but a stand-up reception for a few hundred Harris fans who want to meet their favorite in person. For the tickets, they spent between $ 46 and $ 2,800. There's wine and champagne for that, and whoever wants to can dip vegetable sticks into hummus dips until it starts. The audience is slightly more women than men, a little more white than black people and a little more people in their 40s than around 60.

Then comes Kamala Harris, bright jacket and contagious laugh, and welcomes once the children. “I just love that so many of our youngest leaders are here! And her old one too, of course, “she says, making many people laugh. If Harris is exhausted because she has been traveling around the country for weeks and has another television debate coming up this week, that's not noticeable. Reports of powerful donors allegedly hesitating after the last debate are also irrelevant today. Events like these are there to motivate the convinced fans to thank many for the jack-up, which is yet to come. And on this occasion you can also test a few catchy sentences on their impact. That's the way all candidates do it – Harris and some others keep big donation galas with the richest donors.

Kamala Harris on Sunday in New York

The Senator from California is still fighting to find her way between the most popular candidate Joe Biden and the left Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. “I want a Green New Deal,” she says that evening. The climate crisis is man-made, but the good news is that people can change their behavior – this is one of those sentences that Harris has often said in interviews lately, and for which she got applause at the television debate. “Do you remember what the sky looked like over Los Angeles, if you went there twenty or thirty years ago? Brown, exactly. Today the sky is blue, “she says. In California, a lot has already been achieved in the fight against lobbyists and air polluters. “And I see hundreds of thousands of jobs we can do.” Wind and solar energy were among the fastest growing industries.

Harris supports a variant of the “Green New Deal” of the left MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. For other topics, she also wants to appeal to the other wing of the party: “A health insurance is not a privilege, but a fundamental right,” she says and while the label “Medicare for All” for their plans – but it should be a “private option” give and “freedom of choice”. The New Yorkers applaud.

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