Democratization of games … and tutorials – The difficulty and its evolution in video games


Driven by the phenomenon of Wii and its openness to the largest number, developers have gradually adapted their productions embellishing them with help, tips and guides for beginners. But to make everyone happy, the studies have conducted a real brainstorming to find a path suitable for beginners and experienced players.

Democratization of games ... and tutorials

In an Iwata application dedicated to New Super Mario Bros. We learn both Wii and the team – already in charge of New Super Mario Bros. on DS, faced a dilemma. Asuke, director of EAD, reports:

Many people have said that New Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS was simple. On the other hand, people who are not necessarily very good said, for example, that they could try, they could not beat the head of the world 3. So they threw in the towel and stopped playing. If you ask these people how they managed to overcome the levels that they did not manage to finish, they replied that there was always someone good enough to do it for them. For example, they asked their child to pass the level. They looked at each other and said one another: "That's how we do it!" And then they resume the console. When a level is difficult, we wanted to propose images to show how to finish it and, for those who want to progress, we wanted to finish it for them. It is for these reasons that we have included the super guide.

The super guide, the word has fallen. This option appeared on New Super Mario Bros. on Wii made a lot of ink. With Wii Sports and the invasion of low-budget Wii games, many gamers have challenged the "randomization" of the media, saying that games were becoming too easy and remote control. But what is the Super Guide? These are simply options to help the blocked player. He appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (renamed the Cosmic Guide for the occasion) or Donkey Kong Country Returns. Specifically, when the player repeatedly loses the same level, he can activate a Super Guide block that shows him how to complete the level (via a video). You can take control at any time or wait until the level is complete to move on to the next one. Over time, Nintendo has also introduced the Assist Block principle. These appear when the player has lost eight lives in the same level and gives access to an invincible object or considerable help. For example, in Super Mario 3D Land, it takes the form of an invincibility sheet that turns the mustache Mario White Mario Tanooki.

Democratization of games ... and tutorials

These aids show that there is an adaptation of the studies, although Nintendo is probably the company that has been the furthest in terms of support for beginners. We also note the creation of the Discovery Tour on the side of Ubisoft with its Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey, in other words, modes without enemies that allow you to walk freely to enjoy the information while contemplating the historical sites of the games. There is no doubt that these practices will increase in the future. And if you can please everyone, after all, it's not a bad thing. Especially when these same titles can be used in other areas, for example for education.


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