Democrats accuse Trump of lying to investigator Mueller

Donald Trump

The US president has to deal with two scandals.

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Washington The US House of Representatives is reviewing possible false statements by US President Donald Trump in his written response to ex-Russia special investigator Robert Mueller. Douglas Letter, a legal adviser to the Parliamentary Chamber, told a court of appeal for the D.C. With.

It is "immensely important" that the judges release confidential information in the Mueller report. Because this will help the members of the Congress answer the following questions: "Log the President? Was not the President honest in his replies to the Mueller investigation? "Letter added.

As a special investigator, Mueller checked whether Russia influenced the election of 2016 and whether Trump's election campaign team worked with Moscow. It also asked whether the President was obstructing the judiciary. In his report, Mueller wrote that there is insufficient evidence of criminal collusion aimed at influencing the election result. Trump was not acquitted of the charge of disability.

The Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives wants to obtain a release of testimony from a grand jury and other blackened details from the public version of the Mueller Report. It was not until October when a judge ordered the Ministry of Justice to hand over the censored material, but the Trump government appealed. It is expected that the case will be brought before the Supreme Court, regardless of the decision of the Court of Appeal.

The Democrats assume that withheld information in the Mueller report could provide information on key aspects of the investigation. This includes an alleged conversation that Trump allegedly had with a co-worker about the publication of stolen emails in the US election campaign, as well as talks about a meeting at the Trump Tower 2016, Trump's eldest son's compromising material on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton hoped.

Legal Counsel Latter stated that persons with ties to the Russia affair have already been convicted of lying to Congress. So it was not so far-fetched, if the Congress wanted to check whether Trump had lied too. Sadly, there is evidence that the president did not answer truthfully. Therefore, this is an important aspect of the preliminary investigations into possible impeachment proceedings against Trump.

The Democrats are focusing on the Ukraine affair. It concerns the allegation that Trump abused his office when he stopped his Ukrainian counterpart Selenskyj to investigate the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. However, the Democrats have not ruled out including other allegations such as obstruction of justice and parliament in the process.

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