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SAccording to the Memphremagog Police Authority, 82 people demonstrated and 13 police officers were mobilized to supervise the event. One of the organizers, Steeve Roy, believed a total of 1,000 to 1,500 people would attend. In general, the demonstration took place in peace even if some tickets were given to demonstrators who were not wearing masks.

“The masks, the curfew, it’s over, we want more of that. Restaurant owners, gyms… that’s enough! »Proclaims one of the organizers, the Magogois Sébastien Roy, at the start of the event. Sporting a sheriff’s star and a cowboy hat, he exclaims that “from this week, we will enforce our laws, us!” If we have to go back to the Wild West, we’ll go back! “

Asked about the difficult conditions in hospitals, he raises the tone. “We don’t have to pay for the government that scrapped the system 10 years ago. Instead of investing millions in advertising, let them invest in the hospital system ”.

Return to calm

Around 10:30 am, in a hubbub of honking and a few cries of “Freedom”, the procession set off towards the Parc des Braves de Magog where an organizer said that many people were already waiting there. However, when La Tribune arrived on site before the procession, there was no one there.

Several onlookers even expressed their astonishment at the arrival of a demonstration against sanitary measures. “As long as the measures are respected, they have the right to demonstrate, but we do not have to agree with them”, expresses Éric St-Arnaud. His wife, Mélanie Simon, adds, “I think it’s a minority movement among the Quebec population. The people around us respect the measures ”.

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