Demonstration at the gates of the Supreme for mortgages

Hundreds of people are concentrated on the doors of the Supreme Court of Madrid to protest against the controversial mortgage tax decision. Convened by Podem and the United Left (UU) last Tuesday after learning that "the bank has won", the demonstration is also an amendment to which these parties consider a "patch solution" of the government of Pedro Sánchez with the decree to reverse Customers Pay the mortgage fee.

According to the announcement of Podem's call, the opposite of the Supreme is an "unprecedented decision" that places Spanish justice "on the side of the bank and against the interests of citizens and democracy". But the formation also considers that with the royal decree of the Spanish government there is not enough. "It only affects one of the costs of setting up a mortgage, but there are other expenses in this process that are still unresolved," adds the statement.

The leader of Podem, Pablo Iglesias, as well as the UU, Alberto Garzón and the deputies of the purple party in the Congress of Ione Belarra, Rafa Mayoral and the secretary of the organization of Podem, Pablo Echenique, lead the demonstration.

We can and IU, alone

Both the PSOE and the PP and the citizens refused to join. In fact, the socialists have asked that we do a policy within the institutions and not in the streets after agreeing with Sánchez the general state budget for 2019, which is unlikely to happen.

We may recall, however, that in February he had already submitted to Congress an alternative text to the "law on the guindos law" of real estate credit agreements, only to withdraw taxes from customers, and which had been rejected by the rest of the large Spanish formations. "It is time to defend an independent justice of the politics and the pressures of the economic powers, that the population recovers as soon as possible all that has been taken wrongly by the financial institutions, that the abuse of the contractual clauses and that the mechanisms of protection of the population are articulated, "says We can.

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