Demonstrations with tractors in several regions are prohibited

These include the safety regions in Groningen, Flevoland and the Gooi- and Vechtstreek. At the RIVM in De Bilt protesters are expected. The army has since been deployed to set up blockades.

Access roads closed

Reporter Jeroen Wetzels was at the RIVM building last night and also saw concrete blocks, fences and police cars there to block the access roads:

Lelystad Airport

According to the Flevoland Safety Region, the FDF has called on social media to demonstrate with tractors, with the possible location being Lelystad Airport.

In order to prevent congestion and unsafe situations in traffic, it was decided to ban demonstrations with agricultural vehicles on 21 and 22 July. This prohibition applies to public roads, parking spaces and other public places in the Flevoland safety region.

According to the Groningen Safety Region, it has become clear “that farmers’ representatives, including the Farmer Defense Force, are once again planning to organize large-scale demonstrations, blockades or other disruptive actions.” There, the ban applies on July 22, from midnight to midnight.

Demonstrations not reported

According to the safety region in Groningen, in the recent past ‘demonstrations of groups of farmers and sympathizers with tractors and other heavy (agricultural) vehicles in various places have led to congestion and dangerous situations. These demonstrations had not been reported in advance. As a result, it was not possible to agree on how to demonstrate safely. ‘

The Gooi- en Vechtstreek security region reports that the Media Park would also be a possible target of FDF. A ban has been introduced ‘to prevent congestion and unsafe situations in traffic’.

In the province of Utrecht, it was already prohibited to demonstrate yesterday and today with agricultural vehicles on public roads, in parking lots and in all other public places in the province.

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By car

FDF has called on its supporters to go to the protest in De Bilt by car. They demonstrate against the government’s nitrogen policy, including new animal feed rules.

Messages from farmers who are getting ready to go on the road appear on social media:

What does Farmers Defense Force do and want?

Mark van den Oever of FDF said to RTL Nieuws last week that today will be ‘a starting shot’ for subsequent protests. He did not want to say what the action group is planning. According to Van den Oever, farmers at least go on the road with tractors and will ‘save nitrogen’ by taking action in sectors that they think emit a lot of nitrogen.

According to Van den Oever, it will be a ‘major protest’ and other farmers’ organizations will also support the action of FDF. Earlier he said that the actions will range from roadblocks and barricades to wild actions that can pop up anywhere in the country.

Farmers recently campaigned in several places with large agricultural vehicles. They disagree with plans by Minister Carola Schouten to reduce the protein content in animal feed.

Farmers want that plan off the table, it would have adverse consequences for the health of the animals. Farmers also protested at several distribution centers earlier because they are angry about the low prices they think they get for their products. Several security regions (temporarily) forbid this type of protests.

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