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Reporter Li Hongdian/Taipei Report

Alternative Internet celebrity Deng Jiahua suddenly announced his resignation on the 20th, and his former boss Lian Qianyi asked for a breach of contract damages of 20 million yuan. He changed jobs as a delivery worker and posted his work results on Facebook on the 28th. He was proud of “Running 62 orders in less than 3 hours” and “This is my current strength, my current situation.” The post was transferred to his face. Even the lawyer Lin Zhiqun exclaimed when the book club discussed the “Anecdote and Strange Occurrences of Delivery Workers”, 62 orders in 3 hours? It’s a wizard in the delivery world at all! This income dick hits a bunch of hired lawyers!

▲Deng Jiahua switched to another job as a delivery worker (Photo/Retrieved from Deng Jiahua’s Facebook)

After “breaking up” with Qian Yi, Deng Jiahua switched to a delivery service, emphasizing his down-to-earth work, down-to-earth life, and down-to-earth making money. Without a motorcycle driver’s license, he delivered meals by bicycle, threatening to “rely on running uber.” Eat and buy an Alfa”; Deng Jiahua posted a photo on Facebook on the 28th, and wrote, “This is my current strength, my current situation. I am the master of uber eat. I ran 62 orders in less than 3 hours.” “Riding on YouBike, the dog is chased by the dog without being tied up.”

▲Deng Jiahua claimed to run 62 orders in 3 hours (photo / flip from Deng Jiahua’s Facebook)

Deng’s post was transferred to the Facebook community “The Strange Occurrences of Delivery Workers” for discussion. Other netizens said in reply, “Simple math: 62 orders in three hours = 21 orders in one hour =” one order is less than three minutes! Please tell Me, how did this work? It doesn’t take time to take orders, deliver goods, and deliver them?”, “Is he also Gu Lugu who have hallucinations?”, “20 orders per hour? Do you think it’s a newspaper delivery? Is it always delivered on the same street? ??”, “I got a trip award just after running? There are so many awards for novice trips? It’s more possible to take pictures on the Internet”, “It’s over, you can take it back home if you ride a motorcycle”, “Really inspirational… ㄟ No Ah, how can I be the top bid when I just ran, lie to me that I haven’t run, right?”, “3 minutes per order! Is it a lightning bolt”, “the latest monthly salary of 100,000 spokespersons”.

Lin Zhiqun also posted that 62 orders in 3 hours? This is simply a wizard in the delivery world! If an order is 40 yuan, 10 hours a day, 8267 yuan a day, two days off a week, 22 days a month, 180,000 yuan monthly income, this income will be a lot of hired lawyers! The magistrate is almost like this at the top. “When I was young, I didn’t work hard to grow up to be a lawyer. I thought I was bluffing NO1. I was wrong.

▲Deng Jiahua switched to another job as a delivery worker (Photo/Retrieved from Deng Jiahua’s Facebook)

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