Denitsa Ikonomova upset by François Alu, this baby she is preparing

Her beautiful story with François Alu, presented as her companion by Here, Denitsa Ikonomova seems to give her wings. She might be announcing a baby very soon.

Not to start a family, anyway, not for the moment, but to release a music album. She is indeed very talented, and a sublime voice as she showed following her surprise at Keen’V in La Boite à secrets, the successful show offered by Nikos Aliagas on TF1. She performed Somewhere over the rainbow as a trio. A treat for the fans!

His excellent performance on social media drew many positive comments.
“But she sings Denitsa really well!” Pure purity ”,“ Denitsa, is there something she can’t do? “.
These positive feedbacks to give him ideas, and to announce an album very soon.

A certitude, his beautiful story with François Alu seems to give it wings.
The Ici Paris magazine fuels this relationship based on a revelation from Here. A delightful rumor that we have already relayed in LeGossip.
“Denitsa Ikonomova, a time not so long ago with Rayane Bensetti, has found love where she did not necessarily expect it”, explains the publication, before specifying that her new darling is none other than François Alu, the dancer of the Paris Opera, which also serves as a juror in Dance with the stars.

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