Denmark: he paid 2 million kronor for a car, he added to the gas, overjoyed. Now he will lose them because he has exceeded the speed of | World news

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The man on Thursday bought w Germany Lamborghini Huracan for 2 million kroner (equivalent to about one million zlotys).

According to the portal Nordjyske.dethe man was going to go back to Norway by ferry from Denmark.

Łódź. The October Congress of New Mobility. See photos from the electric car exhibition >>>

Denmark. Iraqi car seized by the police

In the vicinity of Hjørring in North Jutland, the man was speeding at 236 km/ h. The police have seized the car, which, if the court decides so, will then be confiscated and put up for auction. The money thus obtained will be credited to the State Treasury.

This is the effect of the regulations introduced in Denmark at the end of March, which were aimed at combating road pirates. As he informs, so far the police have seized 510 vehicles due to the new regulations.

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